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My role and approach as a therapeutic arts practitioner


I am here to assist you in making sense of and finding meaning in your experiences. Whatever it is you would like to know more about. I believe that engaging with the arts can help us do this.

I can also assist you in moving towards more healthy ways of being and doing – that feel meaningful and right for you.

I believe playfulness is invitational and can greatly assist us in engaging with creativity and our imaginations. It can also help lift and lighten a situation that has become heavy and stuck.

I work flexibly. Though we may have a plan of what to explore, at any moment, what feels important and present for you may shift. I feel, the most meaningful experiences will come when we move with what feels ‘alive’ for you in the moment.

‘Aliveness’ is a sense that you will come to know more fully during our time together. As you engage in the process of slowing down and connecting to your body and senses, you will begin to feel what is present or calling your attention in that moment.

We will engage in different art modalities as a way to creatively explore and express feelings, experiences and sensations rather than talking and words alone. 

Art modalities include, but are not limited to, painting, drawing, clay, collage, movement, voice, sound objects and found objects.

In order to really see and feel the art work for what it is, it is important that we meet it descriptively, curiously and without judgement.

The work in our session is collaborative – we are doing this together.

Transparency is important in our collaborative relationship. Clunky, awkward, warm, heartfelt, sticky, stuck, fuzzy, flowing and much more may be felt during our experience together. Sharing and offering these sensings with one another will allow for deeper and more meaningful exploration.

Ultimately, it is important that you feel heard, seen and understood. You are the expert in your life and I’m here to travel alongside, offering tools to assist you along the way.

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