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Why a therapeutic arts session?

In the therapeutic arts, we engage in a process of creating with different art materials as a way to explore, express and make sense of our feelings, experiences and bodily sensations. Whilst making, we foster an attitude of curiosity and openness toward what is taking shape and how we are in the process.

As we connect with the art materials our sensing bodies become engaged in the process of creation. We enter a different kind of space, where our minds gently relax and allow our embodied knowledge to begin to emerge. Here, a deeper part of ourselves is met and over time we can:

  • Give voice to experiences and feelings not easily expressed in words.

  • Find out what’s important to us and what creates meaning in our lives.

  • Strengthen trust in ourselves.

  • Deepen our relationship with ourselves and others.

  • Strengthen our ability to acknowledge, accept and move through difficult emotions and life situations.

  • Strengthen our ability to imagine and create new possibilities and ways of being in our lives, allowing us to grow, change and flourish as human beings.

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